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Alien Harem: The Complete Second Season

Misty Vixen

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The complete Second Season of Alien Harem...

This collection is for the die-hard, hardcore fans who have to have it all or the financially prudent newcomers who would rather buy the entire package all at once.

This collection contains episodes one through six from the second season of Alien Harem. It also contains three bonus short stories.

A DATE FOR AN AMAZONIAN, in which James takes Elise out on a real date and afterward she gives him a special reward. Also available in Collection #4.

ROUGH STUFF, in which James and Elora get rough on camera. Also available in Collection #5.

MORE ROUGH STUFF, in which James and Elise cater to their kinkier fans. A brand new short available only in this Collection.

Official description: After experiencing a great deal of success at starting up their own human on alien porn site, James and the four beautiful alien women he lives with decide to move down to the planet their space station orbits and expand their operation by scouting for additional, sexy talent...

General Erotica Sci-fi Romance General Science Fiction
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