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Alien Harem Collection #1 (Episodes 01 - 03)

Misty Vixen

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This collection contains episodes one through three from Season One of Alien Harem...

James has spent the last six months of his life feeling like a failure. Dealing with possible eviction and plummeting sales for his romance novels, he isn't sure how to handle it. Then his life takes a turn for the better when his best friend, an attractive xenian named Aria, asks him to move in with her and her three hot, alien friends and start filming porn to sell online...

In this collection, James finally goes to bed with his best friend, gets down and dirty with her busty horns-and-a-tail dysil best friend Elora, and then has a threesome with the two of them...

Contains a 1,700 word bonus short story: A SPECIAL THANK YOU, in which Elora thanks James for helping her out in a very special way...

General Erotica Erotic Romance General Science Fiction
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