Alien Harem #1: The Offer

by Misty Vixen

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Episode One in Season One of Alien Harem...

James is a struggling writer in his early twenties. After a bout of success, his numbers have dropped off and he's looking at eviction and moving back in with his parents. He knows he should be writing about something other than romance novels about love between aliens and humans, as that is a socially frowned upon taboo, but he doesn't have the passion to write anything else.

Help comes in the form of his best friend, Aria, a beautiful alien woman. She arrives with very interesting news: she wants him to come live with her and her three friends, all of them being attractive alien women who are all creative types. The interesting part is this: they too are struggling to make ends meet, and have finally decided on a way to make money. They want to set up a website dedicated to distributing videos of all of them having hot sex with a human.

And they want James to be that human...