My Brother's Beast in Me

by Lilith K. Duat

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Ivy is sweet, studious and looks like an Irish maiden. Clayton is tall, strong and looks like rich coffee made flesh and muscle.

Ivy and Clayton grew up side by side, two peas in a pod, but life made them drift apart. When they reconnect, it's at their parent's wedding! The night of the ceremony, Clay and Ivy fall asleep watching the stars.

Ivy wakes to a scream and she ventures after the sound. She finds Clayton badly wounded by some sort of beast.

A good sister and better friend, Ivy is determined to nurse him back to health. Amid sponge baths and fevers, she's all to aware that neither of them are quite the same.

MY BROTHER'S BEAST IN ME is an inter-racial shifter step-sibling erotic romance short story intended for mature readers only.