The Taste

by Matthew Bin

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Corporations don't care whether their products good for you, they just want to hook you on the taste. And when a corporation finds an taste that you just can't resist...

Jack Truscott didn't want to embezzle money from Lithiate Chem, where he's head of research. But after a messy divorce and a big settlement, he had to "borrow" a couple of hundred grand. He just didn't think people would notice his creative accounting so soon.

Now he's got to get his quarterly bonus and return the money before he's found out. All he needs is a breakthrough from the research department.

His top researchers, Chad and Lacy, might have the solution. They've developed a substance they call "the Taste", a flavor enhancer so powerful that people fight each other just to get a sample of it. Controlled correctly, though, it's a winner.

Rushing it to market will ensure Jack his big bonus, but what will this incredible new substance cost him... and everyone?

See if you can resist it - buy The Taste, an intense and gut-wrenching thriller.