Their Missing Piece: A Menage Romance

by Nora Cannon

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She was escaping polygamy. They were running from their past. When their lives collided, an attraction grew that was impossible to ignore.

Jane Barlow knew that she had to get out of the polygamist compound the moment she learned that she was to be married to her uncle. In her heart, she knew that there was more out there in the world. She had hope that she could escape the fear of her past and find true happiness.

Surviving alone out in the wilderness proved to be more challenging than Jane ever imagined. She was at death’s door until the Whitmore brothers came to her rescue. Jane can’t fight the undeniable attraction that she feels towards them as they nurture her back to health in their small, remote cabin. The idea of falling in love with more than one man seemed impossible until now. Sawyer and Lucas are full of secrets, but Jane is willing to put all of that aside to experience a love she never dreamed possible.

What Jane doesn’t know is just how deep and dark the Whitmore brothers’ secrets are. They ended up in the wilderness of Utah to hide from a dangerous past that will haunt them forever. Lucas and Sawyer try desperately to hide who they really are from the beautiful Jane. She sees them as heroes, and the last thing they want to do is mess that up. The brothers have never shared a woman before, but they’re finding that this new love breaks down all of their boundaries. Jane is the missing piece that they never knew they needed. With her in their lives, the puzzle is finally complete.

Lucas and Sawyer know that it’s only a matter of time before the real truth comes out. Will Jane choose to stay despite their broken past?

*Warning: Their Missing Piece is an MFM, ménage à trois, erotic romance novel with endless sexual moments that are likely to leave you wanting more. It contains intense scenes of oral, vaginal, and anal sex, often simultaneously. Read at your own risk.