Falling for Professor Harris

by Nora Cannon

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Resisting her sexy English professor was hard. Keeping their love affair a secret was even harder.

What would you risk for the hottest rendezvous of your life?


I’m finally in my last semester of college. I want nothing more to get it done and over with, until I meet the sexiest man alive, my English professor. His dreamy British accent only adds to his sex-appeal.

I know I’m just dreaming. Steamy romances with hot professors can only happen in romance novels, right? There’s no way that my fantasies could ever become reality, but I can’t stop letting my mind wander as I stare at Professor Harris’s dreamy body and imagine what he’d look like naked...and on top of me.


It’s time for me to take action and make some of these fantasies a reality. My desire for Claire has completely overtaken me.

She’s my student.

This is wrong.

But the first time I taste her and feel her warmth, it’s oh so right.

There’s no going back now. The hardest part is keeping our romance a secret. I could lose everything if someone found out, but my heart tells me she’s worth it.

*Warning: Falling for Professor Harris is an erotic romance novel with endless sexual moments that are likely to leave you wanting more. It contains intense scenes of oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Read at your own risk.