The Vow (The Lady Quill Chronicles, #2) by D.D. Chant on Booksprout

The Vow (The Lady Quill Chronicles, #2)

D.D. Chant

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Finan of Gourney had fought his entire life to protect the House of Valrek from her enemies. After the loss of Evoric he had vowed never to lose another brother.
Esme of Valrek had loved Finan since childhood. All she wanted was for her friend to regain the happiness that his family missed so much.
When Valrek is betrayed by one of its own, Finan and Esme find themselves thrown together.
Can Finan come to realise that, despite the loss he has suffered, his life needn't be the prison he has made it?

Historical Fiction Romantic Suspense General Action & Adventure
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