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Royal Love: The Complete Royal Trilogy

Misty Vixen

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The Complete Royal Trilogy

Set in the Wanderlust universe...

Ellie Lennox is a woman in a bind. Being a thirty two year old princess and the firstborn in her family, she holds a social and royal responsibility to find a suitor, settle down, and become a mother, to continue the family legacy. Unfortunately, not only are there no suitors in all the land worth marrying, but Ellie has no intention of doing any of that. Addicted to adventuring and the freedom a wandering lifestyle offers, she is caught between a rock and a hard place...

Warren Bell is a magic user and a healer, living in service to the Lennox family. He's nineteen, lonely, and pining after the beautiful Lena, Ellie's best friend, who has been cursed to be an undead...

Everything changes one fateful night when Ellie concocts a plan to take Lena and Warren to the nearby family cabin for a night of fun...

Also contains a 2,500 word bonus short story: FIRST TIME, in which Ellie and Lena have their first sexual encounter...

General Erotica General Fantasy Erotic Romance
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