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Royal Retreat (Royal #1)

Misty Vixen

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Set in the Wanderlust universe...

Warren Bell is a nineteen year old healer, serving as the primary magic user for a castle belonging to the Lennox's: the royalty that lords over the local township. He lives by himself in the castle, pining after the beautiful Lena. Although she is cursed to be an undead and shunned by most, he still thinks she is far too good for him. His life changes abruptly when, one day, Lena and the eldest princess Ellie demand he joins them at an isolated cabin. For what, they will not say...

Ellie Lennox is the eldest daughter in a royal family. What does this mean for her? It means she has to marry some rich idiot so that the family line can continue. But she has no interest in settling down, no interest in kids, and certainly no interest in the hapless princes her father has been introducing her to lately. Ellie just wants to get laid but her dad stops her at every turn, insisting it is 'unladylike'. Sexually frustrated and overwhelmed, Ellie concocts a plan with her best friend Lena: they will retreat to the family cabin with Warren, who, being so young, (just a teenager!), her father wouldn't see as a potential target for Ellie's sexual frustration. But she and Lena are desperate for a roll in the hay, and they'll do whatever they have to to get it...

General Erotica Erotic Romance General Fantasy
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