Hellcats: The Complete Second Season

by Misty Vixen

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The complete Second Season of Hellcats...

This collection is for the die-hard, hardcore fans who have to have it all or the financially prudent newcomers who would rather buy the entire package all at once.

This collection contains episodes one through six from the second season of Hellcats. It also contains three bonus short stories.

QUALITY TIME, in which Syl convinces Ryan to help her test out a new toy on Colleen. Also available in Collection #5.

GETTING TO KNOW YOU, in which Lindsay invites Ryan for some fun in the shower. Also available in Collection #6.

PINK & BLUE, in which Ryan manages to talk both of the cyvit women in his life into his bed at once. A brand new short available only in this Collection.

Official description: Ryan is a young, untethered technician who has grown bored with his life. Even worse, he finds himself attracted to all the alien hotties in a galaxy where interspecies loving is very socially frowned upon. But his life has changed for the best as he gets hired onto a mercenary ship crewed by an all-female team of alien babes that are looking for a quick, convenient boytoy on the side...