Hellcats Collection #5 (Episodes 10 - 12) by Misty Vixen on Booksprout

Hellcats Collection #5 (Episodes 10 - 12)

Misty Vixen

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This collection contains episodes one through three from Season Two of Hellcats...

Ryan must be the luckiest technician in the whole entire galaxy, because he's landed the job of his dreams: servicing an all-female mercenary crew of alien hotties...

In this collection, Ryan enjoys a roll in hay with both of his girlfriends, a threesome with a sexbot and a big-breasted cat-girl, and a night of dominating a sexually submissive horns-and-a-tail dysil with the help of a seven foot warrior woman...

Contains a 2,000 word bonus short story: QUALITY TIME, in which Syl convinces Ryan to help her test out a new toy on Colleen...

General Erotica Erotic Romance General Science Fiction
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