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Hellcats #11: Blue Fur & Silver Skin

Misty Vixen

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The Second Episode in Season Two of Hellcats...

Emily has managed to find the crew a job, but before they can get to it they need to hit a space station and restock. Food, fuel, guns, they need it all. So they head out and start doing their jobs.

The only thing is, in the midst of being responsible, Emily is also looking for a new sex toy. But not just any toy, it's a top-of-the-line strap-on that allows the wearer to feel real sexual pleasure, and she wants to try it out with Ilyse...

Meanwhile, Ryan finds himself in the company of Love, who has managed to track down her friend, former partner, and occasional lover, Lindsay, a blue-furred cyvit mercenary with an amazing rack. Love is about to fulfill her old dream of getting Lindsay and a cute young human boy, (Ryan), into a smoking hot threesome...

General Erotica Short Erotica Sci-fi Romance
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