Black Hearts and Bloodied Lips: A Vampire Hunter Horror Story

by Cassie Carnage

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Vampire Hunters Anastasia Blackheart and her cousin Samson are hired to investigate a dangerous nest of revenants; masterless, savage vampires with no reasoning, just endless bloodlust.

What Annie and Sam find hidden there will change the course of history for both human and vampire kind, forever.

"The name's Anastasia Blackheart.

I come from a long line of spies and thieves. It's a family business.

When the Final War started, our family naturally got right into espionage. In the beginning we played both sides, but that didn't last long, as the vampires quickly turned on us. My father was killed. My uncles? God knows where they ended up, if they managed to escape and lay low until they could find a way back to the human territories.

Sam's father is my uncle Gideon. He disappeared five months ago. We've been trying to track down the last surviving members of his squad, but so far, all leads have come up dry.

And that was why we took this job."