by Robin Laine

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There’s something wrong. They say it’s in my head. It isn’t.

Azley Jenkins has issues.
Trust issues… When the man you love leaves you, it’s heart shattering.
When he leaves you while you’re pregnant with his child? It’s soul shattering.

Years later, a new man enters her life. Evan Brooks is everything Azley desires, but wants nothing to do with. How can she trust another man’s love when she has no faith in love itself?

Body issues… Azley’s body is rebelling against her. Every other day something else feels wrong, off. A new ailment that doctors can’t explain. Is it really all in her head like they say? Or is Azley on the verge of something that could be earth shattering?

A second chance at love. A second chance at life. Would you fight for them, or let them go?