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Ripe for the Taking: Ava

by Wednesday Noir

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“We've danced around our feelings for a long time,” Heath said. Ava's throat worked to swallow and she nodded. “I don't want to anymore. Do you understand me?” Ava nodded. Heath leaned down and tugged Ava's head back and took her mouth in a kiss.

The love of Heath's life did the unthinkable and married his older brother. For years Heath stood by and watched his brother treat Ava horribly. All the while Heath waited for the relationship to end.

When Malik hand delivers separation papers Ava is ripe for the taking. After years of friendship. It's up to Ava to decide if she is willing to admit their relationship is more than it should be. If she gives into desires there's no turning back. Heath won't be put on her back burner again.