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Leilani's Forbidden Fruit

by Wednesday Noir

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“You want a taste?” she asked and for a split second, he thought Leilani made a dirty innuendo. He was absolutely certain he wanted a taste.

Being a single dad since his son's birth was rough. Noah was in his forties and never been married. His son, Ben, still living at home. Meaningless relationships with women his own age grew tedious. Noah wants more from a woman. He wants to teach one to please only him.

Ignoring his fantasies was hard and growing harder when his best-friend's twenty-one-year-old daughter comes to stay with him, Leilani. Only Little Leilani wasn't so little anymore and she grew up to be a tease. Noah wants to be her first and only. After tasting Leilani's Forbidden Fruit will Noah be able to resist temptation?

“You're mine tomorrow night,” Noah said, and she watched with her eyes glued to his crotch.