Wanderlust Collection #5 (Episodes 10 - 12) by Misty Vixen on Booksprout

Wanderlust Collection #5 (Episodes 10 - 12)

Misty Vixen

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This collection contains episodes four through six from Season Two of Wanderlust...

Owyn is an eighteen year old wandering adventurer. The day he came of age, he left his little coastal city and set out, intent on a fantastic journey, fighting monsters, finding ancient artifacts, making riches. He never imagined he'd be encountering so many beautiful women who are more than willing to take him to bed...

In this collection, Owyn spends the night with a snake woman, has a chance encounter with a big-breasted harpy, and finds himself the focus of a lonely succubus...

Contains a 2,700 word bonus short story: HORNS & WINGS, in which Owyn has an encounter with a succubus and a harpy...

General Erotica General Fantasy Erotic Romance
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