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Wanderlust #12: Succubus Seduction

Misty Vixen

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The Sixth and final Episode in Season Two of Wanderlust...

Owyn has finally arrived at Stafford, the fabled city of wizards and magic. As he begins searching the city for a new weapon, (his sword just isn't quite cutting it anymore), he encounters an absurdly beautiful woman.

She's a redhead, her name is Lexi, and she claims to be looking for a date with a handsome stranger, and she's selected him. As he agrees to this date and they head into the city of magic, Owyn can't help but feel there is something off about Lexi, something strange.

And, well, if there's anything he's learned over the past few months, it's that he really likes strange...

General Erotica Short Erotica General Fantasy
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