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My Undead Lover

Misty Vixen

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Set in the Wanderlust universe...

Darren is an archer on a mission. He's hunting giant spiders for a payday. As he wanders the lonely forests, an adventurer who relies on himself more than anyone else, he's settled into his wayward lifestyle. Darren thinks he's happy enough by himself, but then he meets Brooke...

Brooke is something special. A fellow archer and accomplished adventurer, she makes for great company and soon the pair find themselves wandering the countryside together, in search of fun and friendship, and maybe a little bit more...

But there's something a little odd about Brooke. She's awkward and admits that she's spent the last several months totally alone, intentionally avoiding civilization. She won't take off her armor, which covers her from head-to-toe. To complicate matters even more, it seems that she's an undead...

General Erotica General Fantasy Erotic Romance
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