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Wanderlust Collection #1 (Episodes 01 - 03)

by Misty Vixen

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This collection contains episodes one through three from Season One of Wanderlust...

Owyn is eighteen years old. For most of his life, he's wanted to be free of the small village he's called home, and now that he has come of age, he can live the dream.

Fancying himself a self-styled warrior, he takes up a seemingly simple job: be a bodyguard for a necromancer. While the job is, in fact, simple, it starts him on a path that he never knew was even possible.

In this collection, Owyn has a sexual encounter with two beautiful necromancers and visits a vampire brothel...

Contains a 2,200 word bonus short story: HEAD MISTRESS, in which Owyn and Krystal get down and dirty with a mature vampire mistress...