Wanderlust #1: Necromancer's Love

by Misty Vixen

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Episode One in Season One of Wanderlust...

Owyn lives in a small, coastal village where the primary export, and thus the primary interest, is fish. But he has no intention of being a fisherman his whole life. Dead set on leading the exciting life of an adventurer who wanders the land, questing, and exploring the world, he has been training for just such a lifestyle for years. And now the day has come. He's eighteen years old, he has all the right equipment, and is ready to face the world. Unfortunately, he isn't quite sure where to start.

Then he meets Krystal, a necromancer passing through town. She's looking for a bodyguard to help escort her to the next town. Owyn takes the job, partially because he thinks it will be exciting, but also because of her shocking beauty. Despite being a necromancer, a Sister of Death, Krystal is the most beautiful woman Owyn has ever seen.

As they set out and the first night falls, the pair end up sharing a tent together, and things begin to get heated...