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Misty Vixen

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Set in the Hellcats universe...

John is a man in his late twenties who has just found himself on the receiving end of an ass-kicking from life. After his relationship with the boss's daughter exploded, he's being forced to take a punishment assignment: exploring a new solar system in a tiny, cramped spaceship with two people he's never even met before...

Ithy is a female quine in her early thirties. After getting a divorce from an emotionally abusive, jealous husband, she has decided to throw caution to the wind and completely change her life. Selling everything she owns and quitting her job, she signs up for a job that will take her to the edge of known space...

Lynn is a beautiful, sexually adventurous xenian in her mid-thirties. She is about to pick up John and Ithy on her ship of pleasure and bring them out into deep space. Officially, their job is to run scans on the new system for precious minerals, but in reality, Lynn has brought them out there for a month of passion and pleasure...

General Erotica Erotic Romance Sci-fi Romance
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