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Stolen Prophet: A Horror Supernatural Thriller

Julian M. Coleman

4.0 Stars
From 2 Reviews

A horror supernatural thriller from the 2016 Paranormal/Supernatural AWARD WINNING Author.
“I love this book..."Stolen Prophet"…Its amazing to the core. This book is an excellent resource to someone looking for perfect thrilling and paranormal thread...”

It will take a monster to protect a Prophet.

Evie looks like an ordinary single mother. Her young song is kidnapped. Determined to find him, Evie is convinced there is only one way to save his life. She has to become a monster. She surrenders to her inner darkness without hesitation. She leaves behind madness and death as she searches for him. She will find Victor. There's no one to stop her...or is there?

General Fantasy General Horror African American Interest

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Verified ARC Reader


by Mom2three

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I went through a stage, in my early teens, where everything I read involved a child who killed people. I knew this was a horror story from the blurb, and I wanted to see if I would still find enjoyment in the twisted type of tale I read as a child. And while this isn't that type of story, it left me with the same feeling of exhilaration. The anxiety of not knowing what was going to happen next, followed by finding myself trying to read faster because the anxiety was stealing my breath. I loved the cult-like religious undertone to the story. This story was an imaginative, original, magical ride that was full of wonderful detail. There were so many twists and turns I didn't see coming. I am definitely going to read the rest of this series, and more books by this author.

Verified ARC Reader

The Scariest Helicopter Mom

by S Lange

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

I read book two Malevolent Madness before reading Stolen Prophet, in a way book two helped me understand book one better.

Evelyn is like a lot of over protective mothers she is aware of everything and everyone that has anything to do with Victor her son. Because of Evelyn’s powerful somewhat magical abilities everyone treats Victor with a hands off approach. A lot of times Victor feels stifled by this treatment and sometimes takes little risks to prove to himself that he is capable of more than what he is allowed to do.

It is during one of these small risks that he is taken right off the street. His abduction sets in motion a series of events, confessions, betrayals, accidents and deaths generated by Evelyn’s desire for Victor’s immediate safe return.

Previously Evelyn in her own mind renounced her born into faith and her possible gifts by becoming a Catholic. She thought by simply saying she no longer believed that she was an orisha that she was now a regular person. True having to kill your mother to come into your full powers or having that parent try to kill you if you didn’t kill them first is a steep price to pay to have the total financial support and obedience of your community.

While an orisha gains monetary compensation from their followers their lives are ruled by the power they command and those it protects. All of these issues are null and void once Victor is taken. While she may not have wanted to be an orisha Evelyn quickly embraces the dark and insidious side of that power to retrieve her stolen child.

The majority of this book deals with Evelyn as she insinuates herself into everyone’s mind as she tries to get a lead on who took her son. Evelyn has caused a weather phenomenon to trap everyone within the city limits while she searches for Victor and his captors. She cuts through people’s minds like a hot knife through butter. She strips them bare as she digs through all of their secrets and pain. A few people realize the precious gifts within their lives. Others see the destruction that is happening to them caused by others. Many start confessing to long past murderous crimes. Her parting gift to those whose lives she violated is the inconsolable sense of loss she feels with losing Victor.

There is great imagery as well as a lot of confusion with the direction that the story takes at times. One of the things that had me confused was what triggered Harry’s sudden distrust and anger with his partner Mason? It’s almost like the major winter storm unleashed Harry’s internal BS meter that something wasn’t right. Whatever the cause it creates a bit of almost manufactured angst with Harry and Mason.

Since I had read book two first some of the info filled in a few blanks that I hadn’t gotten from that book. Like my first unflattering take on the television reporter Poppy, with more info about her happy to sad life it made me more emphatic towards her.
I think this first book tried to do too much right away and didn’t cement the foundation of the characters solidly enough for you to understand and feel much for them. It was a lot of disjointed elements trying to be welded into a cohesive story. Some of the side stories within the story sort of threw you as you tried to piece together how they fit into the major story. Some of them were just temporary side plots with disappearing characters.

Evelyn at times comes across like a surely teenager. She was ruthless when her full powers were given to her. She didn’t care, man, woman, child or other she took you over and spun you around to get what she wanted. She left a mark on all she touched of grief and fear if Victor was not returned soon.

This story was more disjointed than the second book. Not sure if I would have read book two if I had read book one first as this one was a bit more chaotic than the second book. As it was I liked book two much better than book one.