Turn Back, O Time: and other tales of the faes of Malku

by Carole McDonnell

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In the world of Malku, the clans of faes, merfolk, and ordinary landfolk live in a tenuous harmony. Oftentimes, one clan will war against another. Fae against mer, fae against landfolk, landfolk against mer. Because the Malku world contains many regions, nations, land masses, and islands, the relationship between these clans differ from region to region. There is also a variety of religions, races, and classes which also complicate the relationships of individuals and societies.
The annals of Malku are historical lore from many different regions; written in different languages, by different scribes, for varied purposes. To warn, to instruct, to explain. They contain the wisdom, romances, and tales of the kings, priests, and commonfolk of all those that dwell in Malku lands.
The stories in this volume come from several countries in Malku. The primary story, Turn Back O Time, tells the story of how Prince Eirik and the fae warred against the aristocrats of that land. Other stories include the story of how the fae prince Flight saved his god-daughter from a wrongful marriage, the tale of a betrayed mermaid in The Girl in the Dim, and the story of the beginnings of the DragonFly Islands.
This book is part of a series which will include other annals such as the tales of SeaWalker, How Skall Dragonrider Won His Three Wives, The Charcoal Bride, and many others.

The Malku universe is an alternate world where fae, merfolk, and humans live together. The fae clan consists of water-faes, air-faes, and land faes. The human clans are equally varied with humans from all races, class, religions, and status. In some regions, there is harmony among these separate clans. In other regions, there are hurdles, prejudices, and social complications. The stories in this volume are not in chronological order. Some of the characters in these stories -- the long-lived fae, for instance-- appear in many stories in different centuries. Other characters, the humans and merfolk, appear only once. There are a few human characters --kings, priests, and other historical personages-- who appear in some stories because of their effect on Malku history. The society and culture of the Malku world and its history unfold throughout the various stories.

This book is entitled "Turn Back O Time" because it contains five stories or tales, the largest of which is "Turn Back O Time." Most of the tales deal with the issue of time, regret, and the consequences of certain chosen actions.