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Adjusting the Rear View

Hilari T. Cohen

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Two best friends. A 1966 Mustang. A madcap cross-country road trip.
Tobey Springer is going through a nasty divorce. Jillian Bowman is reeling from her husband's sudden death. The two hit the highway in a series of coast-to-coast mishaps where Tobey sets her sights on rekindling a romance with a man from her past - and she wants Jillian to do the same.
But Jillian fears that a secret she's been keeping from everyone may cost her the person that she values most - her best friend.
From adventure to misadventure, the two unforgettable women of Adjusting the Rear View share a bond that grabs you by the heart - and will make you want to hold your own best friend by the hand and hit the open road together!

Chick Lit General Romance Humor
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