An Ordinary Girl

While visiting Seattle for her best friend’s wedding, curvy Grace DiPlaski is immediately attracted to the best man. When he reciprocates her feelings, lavishes her with expensive gifts, and introduces her to pleasure unlike anything she’s ever known, Grace feels herself falling for him — and falling fast. So why does she get the feeling that he’s too good to be true?

An Extraordinary Attraction

Kingston Meade knew Grace was his mate the moment he laid eyes on her. He’s determined to claim her and show her what passion truly means — but only on his terms. He knows he can offer her almost everything a woman wants, but the one thing he can’t promise is total honesty. Their magnetic pull to one another is undeniable, but Kingston can’t call it love — not with such a massive secret hanging between them.

A Dangerous World

But when panther shifter Ashley views Grace as a threat, Grace’s previously ordinary life is turned upside down. Ashley is determined to get her claws into Kingston, and she’s willing to slash Grace out of his life to do it. When Kingston realizes he may lose her forever, will he brave enough to share his secret and find a way to save his curvy human queen?

*** This steamy novella is a standalone BBW billionaire bear shifter paranormal romance.***