Scepter of Domination

by Velvet Rainne

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Warning: This book contains graphic sexual content and is only intended for adult audiences.

Nathan's grandfather was a Nazi solider who managed to escape persecution by giving information to the Americans. After his grandfather passes away, Nathan is left in charge of going through his estate. In an old lock box he finds an ancient Egyptian scepter. He is on his way to show the scepter to a fellow professor at the college when he has a crazy experience with male fast food employees being extremely aggressive towards him for no apparent reason. After leaving the location and going to a different restaurant to try once again to get dinner, he is surrounded by cops. The matter is clearly up by the attractive police lieutenant but she follows Nathan and pulls him over again. This time the two are alone in a dark parking lot and she is desperate for him thanks to the scepter's influence!

This book is a short story with bonus content at the end.