Scepter of Domination

by Velvet Rainne

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Warning: This book contains graphic sexual content and is only intended for adult audiences.

Nathan's grandfather was a Nazi solider who managed to escape persecution by giving information to the Americans. After his grandfather passes away, Nathan is left in charge of going through his estate. In an old lock box, he finds an ancient Egyptian scepter. He is on his way to show the scepter to a fellow professor at the college. Previously, he had a crazy experience with his brother’s girlfriend coming on to him. Then he had a female police lieutenant become extremely aggressive in her successful attempt to seduce him. But some of the men he encountered, greet him with extreme aggression. He is now sure the scepter has some power and hopes his follow professor can shed some light on the scepter.

Now, he arrives at the campus, and encounters more aggressive behavior from some students who are normally very polite and respectful. Professor Marie Lamond is able to confirm it is real but doesn’t believe it has magical power, of course. They compromise by deciding to test it out scientifically, and sexy British Marie will be the test subject! Despite her insistence that she will not be influenced by the scepter to have sex with Nathan, immediately after touching it, she becomes wild with desire for him and won’t relent until she has him!

This book is a short story with bonus content afterwards.