Wife Watch

by Velvet Rainne

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Warning: This book contains graphic sexual content and is only intended for adult audiences.

Liam is the neighborhood animal control officer and has built up quite a reputation with the bored housewives. Between his muscular body, Australian accent, and large endowment, they can’t get enough! They are frequently calling in and requesting him personally anytime they need "help" with the wildlife of Florida. Word is getting around how good he is in bed, so the calls for his help are rapidly increasing.

Today he gets such a call, for a supposed alligator in a pool. He arrives at the Shaffer’s house to find them preoccupied together on a pool chaise and watches the show. He decides to just leave but he is spotted by Mr. Shaffer, the police officer, before he can get away in his truck. Of course, the supposed alligator is now gone but they invite him to inspect the property just to be safe, since he is there already.

Turns out that Mrs. Shaffer has much more than an alligator on her mind. She seduces Liam while her husband watches!

This book is a short story with bonus content at the end.