Scepter of Domination Collection: Books 1-5

by Velvet Rainne

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Warning: This book contains graphic sexual content and is only intended for adult audiences.

Book One
Nathan’s grandfather was a Nazi solider who managed to escape persecution by giving information to the Americans. After his grandfather passes away, Nathan is left in charge of going through his estate. In an old lock box he finds an ancient Egyptian scepter. After showing the scepter to his brother's sexy girlfriend, she suddenly becomes uncontrollably attracted to him!

Book Two
He is on his way to show the scepter to a fellow professor at the college when he has a crazy experience with male fast food employees being extremely aggressive towards him for no apparent reason. After leaving the location and going to a different restaurant to try once again to get dinner, he is surrounded by cops. The matter is clearly up by the attractive police lieutenant but she follows Nathan and pulls him over again. This time the two are alone in a dark parking lot and she is desperate for him thanks to the scepter's influence!

Book Three
He arrives at the campus, and encounters more aggressive behavior from some students who are normally very polite and respectful. Professor Marie Lamond is able to confirm it is real but doesn’t believe it has magical power, of course. They compromise by deciding to test it out scientifically, and sexy British Marie will be the test subject! Despite her insistence that she will not be influenced by the scepter to have sex with Nathan, immediately after touching it, she becomes wild with desire for him and won’t relent until she has him!

Book Four
He takes Marie, the professor, along for a trip to his favorite jazz club. He is very eager to try out the scepter on his long-time crush. A jazz singer who is married to the mayor and way out of his league. Nathan figure’s out how to use the scepter on her without her touching it. She immediately is overcome with a lust for him she cannot control. She drags Nathan backstage with Marie following along. Both ladies enjoy pleasing him all the while the mayor is screaming through the door, trying to get in to stop Nathan from using his wife.

Book Five
Nathan heads home after his crazy day with Marie and Samantha in the SUV with him. They are surprised to find there is a car waiting in his driveway. Turns out Emily has been waiting for him with dinner prepared.

The four of them have a lovely dinner, with the girls all oddly getting along. It seems they have no problems with the scepter’s influence over all of them. Nathan now seems to have quite the happy little harem.

After dinner, the ladies just can’t let him fall asleep without one more menage. How will they act once he gets them in the bedroom?

This book is a collection of five short stories with bonus content at the end.