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Deliverance (Talmassa Chronicles #0.5)

Vivian Eve

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Deep inside the bowels of Palace Arenhed is a journal, tattered and forgotten. Of what remains is a look inside the mind of one of Talmassa's most despised figures: Derrick Vane, the man responsible for murdering the royal family and usurping the throne to use for his own ends.

Once, he was Nikolas, one of the country's most revered generals and close ally of the crown. But what the people had no knowledge of—the things that went on behind closed doors—were the very same things that would twist his ideals and lead him down the path of darkness.

He sought a world free of discrimination for those born into something they could not control. But all it took was a girl with similar circumstances to sway him of his cause—and think the world an enemy not worth saving...

Teen and Young Adult General Fantasy General Action & Adventure
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