Shield Maiden: a lesbian Viking romance erotica

by Magnolia Emmitt

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A dangerous and forbidden romance between a captive English woman and the wife of a powerful Viking conqueror. One bound to the other by a mysterious secret. Both with a plan to bring peace to their people.

In a land ruled by ruthless savages, Jarl Gunnar Wolff and his wife Astrid are among the many Viking villages pillaging England’s shores. During a raid of a coastal town, a young woman named Fae is captured by the Viking royalty and taken back to their home across the seas. While living amongst their people, Fae discovers a secret about Astrid that leads to a very intimate relationship behind the Jarl’s back. As Fae is woven deeper into the Viking society, the two realize that there is more to their romantic encounters than it seems and that their knowledge of one another may be the key to ending the feud between the Nordic and Saxon peoples once and for all.

A one-shot 8,000 word HEA lesbian romance erotica based on Viking mythology.