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Mistress Jinni: book one of the fairytale series "Fable Mistresses"

Magnolia Emmitt

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Once upon a time, there was a rich and beautiful maiden named Jinni, who was infatuated with women. One day she came across an enchanting witch named Shatha who seduced her and captured her in a lamp for her own. When summoned from the lamp, Jinni could grant women their deepest and most sensual desires.

Alia is a young antique store employee who is craving something new in her life. When a man drops off a box of belongings, she finds a mysterious old lamp. It summons a beautiful genie who grants her wishes for her most deepest and sensual desires. Alia soon discovers that there is more to the genie than it appears and that she will change her life forever.

This book is part of the fairytale romance erotica series "Fable Mistress" which tells the stories of classic characters with new age twists. Each book is a stand-alone short and have HEA endings.

Short Erotica General Erotica LGBT
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