Sea Seductress: a mermaid romance erotica short by Magnolia Emmitt on Booksprout

Sea Seductress: a mermaid romance erotica short

Magnolia Emmitt

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There was an old legend people on the coast told of a beautiful siren mermaid of the sea that was infatuated with women. Every night at sundown she would swim into the ocean and call to them with her magical voice to a mysterious island. When they were captured, they had to fulfill three of the sirens deepest and most sensual desires before they were set free again.

Jennifer is a young attorney that is tired of the life she lives. When she crashes her dinghy into a small island off the coast, she meets a mysterious woman who seduces her into pleasuring her three times - once by touch, once by tongue, and once by truth. When she does, the woman reveals a great secret about herself that changes Jennifer's life forever.

Short Erotica General Erotica LGBT
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