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Cuffed & Dominated

Melissa Devenport

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Charlene’s life suddenly put her in a difficult situation. Not only did she just lose her father much too early, but also her job as a nurse. This is when Clayton re-appears after ten years of absence. He was her daddy’s best friend while she was still living at home. But the friendship had ended abruptly when young Charlene developed a crush on him. Her father cut all contact and she never saw him after that. But here he was again, more stunning than ever, offering his support when she needed it the most. She was in a roller coaster of emotions.

But had her father been right the whole time? She realized that she knew almost nothing about Clayton when a limousine suddenly pulled into her driveway a few days later. What dark secrets was he hiding? Soon a new reality unfolds. One with unexplored expanses of pleasure and pain. If you like taboo, this one’s for you.

Erotic Romance Contemporary Romance
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