Hot n Heavy: four steamy erotica shorts by new author Katie Winslow

by Katie Winslow

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Four steamy erotica shorts by author Katie Winslow

Mister Dominance
"At Shades Nightclub, they called me Mister Dominance. I got that name from being six foot five and two hundred and fifty pounds of solid muscle.... There was no venue in the city that wouldn't hire me in a second to be their top bouncer."
Lee Cockrell is a bouncer at a local nightclub who finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game with a feisty petite blonde named Erin. When Lee takes her home, he's all about showing her just who's boss!

Adopted Money
The Van Housen's are two of the richest and powerful people in the entire city. When they set their eyes on Rachel, a young waitress at a local coffee shop, the two decide they want to adopt her for their explicit pleasures. In this age-play one-shot, Rachel experiences what it's like to live a life of wealth with a naughty couple ready to fulfill her desires - in an entirely different way!

Raw Anatomy
Professor Tale had a reputation as being the hardest professor on campus. When a sexy young student named Marcus Reed starts failing out of her Anatomy and Physiology course, she quickly realizes that he’ll need to know a lot more about the human body than he’s expecting.

Magic Hands
Dr. Stanton is a world-renowned concierge physician with a special talent for helping women (and sometimes men) in need. He's known for his "magic hands" and people from all over call on him to help with their wildest pleasures.