Hellcats #1: Six Foot Ten

by Misty Vixen

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Episode One in Season One of Hellcats...

Ryan is a young technician who has eyes for all the alien girls in a galaxy where humans and aliens don't mix. From the petite, technology-obsessed xenians to the orange-skinned, horns and a tail devil-looking dysil, to the feline-like cyvits, he has the hots for them all.

Unfortunately, he lives in a human colony and has for his entire life, never getting the chance to see if some kind of relationship might have worked out between him and a nice, young alien woman.

Ryan suddenly realizes that there's a whole galaxy of people out there, and in an effort to break out of the confines of his life, he quits his job and signs up with a mercenary team called the Hellcats. When he arrives, he meets Emily, a six foot ten genetically enhanced warrior woman who reveals that the real reason she hired him wasn't so that he could perform maintenance on the ship, but rather so that he could perform maintenance on the all-female crew who, for their own reasons, have a hard time getting laid.