The Seven Box Set: Four paranormal tales of passion, danger and love

by Ciana Stone

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The Seven. They've walked among us since the beginning of time, inspiring legends and myths. Arousing passions.

Now they are ready to reveal themselves to humanity. Seven tribes of paranormals from a realm outside our own. Vampires, Shifters, Changelings, Archangels, Faries, Wizards and Daemons. It's a time of excitement, unrest, danger ...

and passion.

Come experience the passion and danger. And fall in love.

**Note: Books 1,2 and 3 are available as single titles. Book 4, Kissed by Fire is being published in this set for the first time.
What readers are saying:

Book One: On My Knees.

"Full of action, suspense, and an awesome love story, I was riveted to my seat and read the book cover to cover in a day. "

Book Two: Ruffle My Feathers

"if you find yourself bogged down for a few minutes at the very beginning......hang on, because the book is absolutely worth the read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am still amazed at the author's talent to combine so my different factions of paranormal into her stories and make it so the reader can not put it down! Again I find my self tapping my foot in anticipation for more of this amazing world. So if you're in the market for a fantastic paranormal read then you're in the right place!"

Book Three: A Taste for Jazz

"Mystery, drama, action, danger, and the possibility of love. This book will have you turning pages all the way until the end. "

Book Four:

Book 4: Kissed by Fire:

"CIana turns up the heat (pun intended) in this book. A great fast paced read that leaves you hungry for more."