Playing for Keeps

by Ciana Stone

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"Better than any night time drama!"

"When I open one of this author's novels I know I will be in real deep with some hot serious lovin with many a twist when least expected. This one is no exception with it being another in this series that I have come to adore causing me to race to read the next one as they become available."

~ Denise Van Plew for Candid Book Reviews

Things have gotten downright smoldering in Cotton Creek.  The oil boom has the town bursting at the seams, and has Cody and Hannah run ragged with the bar being packed every night.   Leave it to their mama to come up with a solution.

Stella talks to her sister, who, in turn, manipulates her son, Cade to go to Cotton Creek and helphis cousins out.  After all, he has nothing really on his plate.  He just sold a casino in Atlanta City and has no idea what he wants to do next.  

Cade isn't keen on the idea, but his mother traps him with the old "family helps family" thing so to Cotton Creek he goes.   What were the odds that a month after he arrives, Roxie Ellis' 1957 T-bird would break down just outside of Cotton Creek and she'd be needing a job to make enough to affect repairs?

Gambler's luck?  Maybe.  Whatever the case, sparks fly at first glance and before you can call red on a roulette wheel, Cade and Roxie are neck deep in what is surely the most erotic bet of their lives.

The problem is, the bet becomes a whole lot more serious than either of them plan and soon Cade is Playing for Keeps.