Depravity Girls Book Series: with bonus book Disco Dolls

by Magnolia Emmitt

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The THREE PART series DEPRAVITY GIRLS from up-and-coming author Magnolia Emmitt..

Rachel Steward knew she wanted to go to college since her sophomore year of high school. When she gets in on a cheerleading scholarship, everything seems to be going her way. That is until she meets Cassidy Evans, captain of the cheerleading squad.

Cassidy does everything in her power to make Rachel’s life a living hell. Except there’s one problem – she’s also incredibly hot. When Cassidy figures out Rachel is a lesbian with a huge crush on her, she blackmails her into being her wingman to find guys to prey on. The two go on nightly romping’s to hook up with other guys and girls. Eventually, Cassidy makes Rachel a proposition – she belongs to her for the rest of the semester and she’ll be rewarded...

Also includes bonus book, Disco Dolls!

Anastasiya and Dominika are the managers of an elite disco club in the heart of the city. Every night during the midnight hour, the two step-sisters choose a lucky woman to join them for a special evening of sexy hot fun that they won’t ever forget.