by Lea Griffith

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She is a woman lost but now found.
Sasha has spent her life dedicated to the freedoms of others. Used to helping, she isn’t prepared to be the one in need. As she holds the hand of suffering, alone in a courtyard of death, she discovers salvation is but a breath away.
He is a man conveniently at the right place, at the right time.
A battle-hardened spec ops soldier, Dray has been sent on a mission he doesn’t understand. Sitting in the hills above a terrorist’s compound he discovers a woman who is knocking on death’s door and everything clicks. Rescuing her is never a question. Keeping her safe becomes his number one priority.
Evil has taken form, and hell hath no fury like this madman’s twisted mind.
Dempsey isn’t above using whatever or whoever he can to enact payback for a perceived slight. And he revels in his ability to instill fear and pain on those he deems beneath him. His goal is vengeance and yet he has no idea what he’s set in motion or the lengths Dray and Sasha will go to protect themselves and eliminate him in the process.
They are on a collision course that will change their lives in ways none could anticipate. How much can love take when evil stalks it?