by Lea Griffith

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And the GenTech, Presidio Files saga continues...

She's a woman on the run from a madman who won't let her go.

Natalia Moore knows what it means to suffer. In the grasp of a man so evil the devil quivers, she has learned pain and just what it means to crave deliverance. But she has escaped and is now on the run...right into Dare Bonner.

He's a man determined to save her, even if it's from herself.

Dare Bonner is waiting for information on his brother when he spots her. Running hell-bent for leather she runs right into his world and he's not the kind of man who gives up easy. He'll do whatever is necessary to discover her secrets and in the process forge a bond between them she'll never want to break.

Together they'll learn about love, loss, and an evil so absolute you can never really escape.