by Lea Griffith

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Author's Note: This book was released initially as Book 1 in my GenTech series. I’m glad I’m getting a chance to release it in its correct order now—you’ve met the Sasha and Dray, and Dare and Natalia. You’ve also met Dolan Smythe-Ward in all his creepiness—the father of the superhuman branch of GenTech series.

Now you’ll meet the badass sisters that inspired my GenTech series.

Prepare yourselves.

An extraordinary woman genetically engineered to be a weapon, the spec ops soldier tasked to retrieve her, and a mad scientist who will never stop hunting her until she is under his control.

Skylar is the hunted. Fashioned for the sole purpose of destruction, she has spent her entire life running from the evil scientist who created her, her father. When a team of retrieval experts hired by her father track her down, she is unprepared for the electric pull she feels toward their leader. Neither is prepared for the magnetic attraction that will not let them go. In the midst of danger, with their lives on the line, they will ultimately forge a bond so tight only death could break it. And they will fight an egomaniacal scientist as well as their explosive desire for one another to discover what true power is.

Love can conquer all, but will it?