His and Hers

by Lea Griffith

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Theirs is a love born of dominance and submission—a fragile trust built on the foundation of a desire so strong love was the result. Now they'll have to fight to hold onto it or lose everything they could have been together.

Raleigh knows what it means to give everything you are to someone. And she knows what it means when they give it back. But Raleigh has always been a fighter, and she's determined to fight for Aaron Crockett. She's determined to break down his barriers, heal his pain and show him that they are worth every risk and every reward.

Aaron knew when he came back from his last mission as a Force Recon marine he was a shattered man--splintered into too many pieces to hold the wonder that was Raleigh Blevins in his scarred hands anymore. But if their time together has shown him anything, it's that Raleigh's love has the strength to bring him back from the brink. Now he must trust himself to take her back into his heart, his dominance, and his bed.