The Mating Habits of Werewolves: Alpha/Omega/Alpha Mpreg

by N.J. Lysk

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Devlin is an Omega, a male werewolf that can carry as well as father children. But that is not all Devlin is; he's spent the last six years in Scotland, where he has actually had the freedom to become the scientist he always longed to be. Away from his pack and any other Alpha, Devlin has grown hopeful, but now his luck has run out; his Alpha is calling and he must return home to fulfill his destiny.

When he gets back to England, the news are even worse than he expected: the pack is expanding over further territory and with bigger land, the pack itself must grow. Every Omega in the pack must be bred to ensure the next generation is large enough. Including Devlin. He is given one choice that is not choice at all: between two young Alphas who have come to the pack for the promise of an Omega to mate.

Devlin is lost: He can't leave unless he makes a choice and he can't make a choice between two men he's just met that will determine the rest of his life. But if he doesn't make it soon he will lose the last thing he has left from his old life: his dream of a career as a research biologist.

In a desperate bid for freedom inside the cage the pack has made for him, Devlin makes the most daring offer of all: he will mate with both Alphas. After all, you can't belong to two people, he figures, and if he doesn't belong to them, maybe he can get to keep himself.

An arranged marriage story featuring first time, consent issues, mpreg, partial feminization and tons of angst. This books is a stand alone 95,000 words novel and the first in a series. HFN.