Deadly Protection

by Reese Patton

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Can the Love of a Lifetime Stop the Presses

Merideth Gardner survives her first few days with Ian and even manages to tolerate her new bodyguard, but Ian isn’t the biggest danger she faces.

One story. She tells herself and Ian she’s only in it for the story. It doesn’t matter if the words are true or not. Especially when the story she’s digging into puts another woman in the path of danger.

With each new answer, ten more questions sprout up in its place, further distracting Merdieth from facing her growing feelings for Ian.

Will Merideth keep her feelings hidden from Ian? Or will she finally stop the press and give Ian the story of the century?

Deadly Protection delivers a racy and suspenseful serial. Perfect for when you want a sassy story but don’t have a lot of time. Read the third part of The Girl in the River while it’s Hot!

This new brand new novella contains some content originally published in Bury the Lead.