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The Girl in the River: Page Four: A Billion Dollar Headline Sassy Crime Serial

Reese Patton

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When Love of a Lifetime is a Conflict of Interest

Merideth Gardner, newly hired reporter at the Daily Herald, is tenacious, curious, and brilliant. Never a good combination in any woman. Especially a woman who is stealing the heart of the Daily Herald’s publisher.

Ian Stirling is rich, powerful, and handsome. When Merideth agrees to his crazy plan, he never thought she’d be the one driving him crazy. And Ian is driving everyone around him crazy with his unwillingness to admit his feelings for her. But Ian has bigger worries than his growing feelings for Merideth.

The story about a missing woman turns into one about a murdered woman and now Merideth is in even more danger. Ian uses a weekend away as a distraction. Two days in Iowa with her parents. Two days before returning to the city. And the story. Two days for Ian to fixate on his feelings for Merideth.

Will Ian finally admit he wants more than a fake relationship with Merideth? Or will a conflict of interest stop the love of a lifetime?

The Girl in the River delivers a racy and suspenseful serial. Perfect for when you want a fast-paced story, but don’t have a lot of time. Read the fourth part of The Girl in the River while it’s Hot!

Previously published as Conflict of Interest, this new edition has been updated with text corrections and additional content.

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