Freedom in the Smokies

by Becca Jameson

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Freedom in the Smokies is a rerelease of the third book in the Durham Wolves series. It has been reedited, but the story remains the same.
Welcome to the Durham Wolves series by best-selling author Becca Jameson. The Durham brothers own a farm in the Smoky Mountains where they raise Thoroughbred horses. After ten years of coexisting in the mountains with the local vampire, relations between the brothers and the bloodsucker begin to go south. The vampire wants the shifters off “his” mountain, and he will stop at nothing to convince them to leave. As the three brothers meet their mates, fear for their safety increases. Each book in the series follows one brother’s mating and subsequent encounters with the increasingly powerful vampire.
Her domineering mate knows how to push all her hot buttons.
With a vampire still threatening the family, Micah Durham has no plans to follow his brothers into matehood. In fact, he’d prefer not to expose anyone else—human or shifter—to the dangers they face.
Yet when he returns from visiting a horse buyer, he’s beyond pissed to find his family has hired a new thoroughbred trainer. A female, human trainer whose scent steals his power of speech.
Kaitlyn Winston couldn’t wait to get out of California, and out from under her grandmother’s thumb, to find her dream job in her beloved Smoky Mountains. Except when she attempts to make nice with her new boss, their attraction lands them in his bedroom.
The haze of passion doesn’t make their problems disappear, though. The life Kaitlyn left behind throws a left hook that could pull them apart. And the Durhams’ old enemy is back, stronger than ever, and threatening to pick off the Durhams and their mates…one at a time.