Two Beasts

by Naughty Angel Publishing

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*Two beasts. One beauty. *
*This fairytale is about to get filthy.*

I was sold by my wicked stepmother to two men.
Once a spoiled princess – now I'm cuffed and chained to a bed.
Held prisoner by two alpha males whose very presence makes me squirm with desire.
Both Nathan and Vincent are princes. They’ve forged an alliance with our kingdom. My people get peace.
They get me.

*But first, they need to train me. *

Now, when they tell me to sink to my knees, I obey.
When they kiss me, I tremble with lust.
When they touch me, I moan with pleasure.

So when my stepmother reveals the real reason behind giving me away, I have a decision to make in who to help.
My kingdom.
Or my two beasts.

*Which will I choose?*